My experience with Apex Legends

Apex Legends is my personal favorite battle royal game thus far.  20 teams made up of 3-player squads. With up to 60 players in one match the chance of winning is far grander than other battle royal games like PUB G and Fortnite. Just this week unveiling Season 1: Wild Frontier Battle Pass. Respawn Entertainment also releasing a new character named “Octane.” The future is bright for this hidden gem.

Ranking the best characters in this game is not hard, but rather more personal preference to your playing style. From worst to best let’s start with Gibraltar. Too slow when at full sprint and too easy to hit in short range skirmishes. Playing as Caustic is not worth it for the most part. Slow easy target with a weak special, and easy to be flanked by much faster opponents.

Mirage is a character that while quick and quirky still lacks dimension. With this character you can send out a decoy which is nice. The special move is a pile of decoys which is bogus and not very helpful in larger skirmishes with multiple teams. Pathfinder is a character that while fast like Mirage is not much of a healer even tho he’s labeled as one. With a grapple hook and a long range grapple hook as a special the uniqueness has left the building on this one. Still Pathfinder is a hard opponent to hit up close, and if you happen to find a scout beacon you can see where the hill will move to next.

Bangalore a very high caliber character with a smoke screen and air strike as a special. She even runs faster while being shot at, but is needed because up close she is bulky. Octane the newest character with great dexterity. Agile and nimble for you high sensitivity players. Drops a launch pad for ample flanking techniques. Giving Apex Legends a different feel.

Lifeline is the second best character. The real healer that can drop a health drone and call in a care package as a special. Hard to hit at a distance but bulky up close. Never forget to jump slide! Finishing off the character list at the top in this lumber jack match is… WRAITH. The fastest character and coolest looking while running. Creates a portal to travel between in game, and has a cloaking mechanism that is highly effective. Up close Wraith is the hardest to hit, and perfect for flanking or scouting.

On a side note: I love all the characters.

Now about those guns. Ranking them starting with LMGs: Devotion, M600 Spitfire. Snipers: G7 Scout, Triple Take, Longbow DMR. Shotguns: EVA-8 Auto, Peacekeeper, Mozambique Shotgun. Pistols: Wingman, RE-45 Auto, P2020. SMGs: R-99 SMG, Prowler Burst PDW, Alternator SMG. Assault rifles: Havoc, Hemlock burst AR, R-301 Carbine, VK-47 Flatline. Legendary guns: Kraber, Golden Mastiff Shotgun, Golden .50 Cal Sniper.

With so many combinations to choose from I won’t give away the farm on what I believe is best to win with. Load up on health, ammo, frags, arc stars, and legendary gear! Play, and find out for yourself what gives your squad the best chance to win! The competition is mighty stiff!









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